Cults of the Shadow


Kenneth Grant

The reprinting of the Typhonian Trilogies continues with the third volume in the series, Cults of the Shadow, which completes the first Trilogy.

Cults of the Shadow was first published by Muller in November 1975, and subsequently reissued with an errata page by Skoob Publishing in 1994.

A second edition was released by Starfire Publishing in 2013. The edition was freshly typeset, incorporating the errata from the Skoob reissue, together with further corrections noted subsequently in Kenneth Grant's personal copy of the book. The second edition appeared in an octavo format of 268 pages, with a colour frontispiece, a twenty-page section of plates, illustrated endpapers and a full-colour dustjacket. Where possible, plates were rephotographed for the edition, some presented in colour for the first time.

The forthcoming publication is a reprint of this second edition. It will be available in two formats: hardback, bound in black cloth and with a dustjacket; and paperback, with a sturdy cover. Both formats will be sewnbound on good-quality paper.

More details about the contents of the book can be found here.

A review of this edition of Cults of the Shadow appeared in the Volume 5 Number 2 issue of the Australian magazine Living Traditions and can be found here.