The Primal Grimoire

The Primal Grimoire is a discussion forum focusing on the magical and mystical development, published work and legacy of Kenneth Grant.

JD Holmes

Distributors in Canada and the USA for Starfire Publishing and Fulgur amongst others, Holmes have a varied catalogue of new and second-hand books for sale, as well as books that they themselves publish.


Engaged in publishing talismanic books since its foundation in 1992, Fulgur have a fully-deserved reputation for producing beautiful volumes. They also have extensive lists of artwork by Spare for sale.


The home of the Aleister Crowley Society, LAShTAL hosts discussion forums which are varied and informative, as well as Galleries and other resources. A valuable site for Crowley and related subjects.

Liber AL

Independent bookseller for Aleister Crowley, Thelema, Occult & Magick related books, rare and limited editions, artefacts & ephemera.

Scarlet Imprint

A talismanic esoteric and occult publisher, Scarlet Imprint have produced some fine volumes of excellent writings on specific themes, and have a growing list of titles.

Caduceus Books

A long-established company specializing in second-hand books in the occult and allied fields, Caduceus also has an extensive occult art gallery of items for sale, and its own publishing imprint Society of Esoteric Endeavour.

Andrew Collins

Focusing on the varied, informative and fascinating output of Andrew Collins, this site also carries news of books and events concerning psychic questing and allied fields, as well as Andrew’s annual Psychic Questing Conference.

Fellowship of Isis

The central site for the Fellowship of Isis, this includes archives, news and the online journal The Mirror of Isis, exploring the goddesses in myth and magic. 

Diabolical Discourse

Presents events, lectures and talks in the north of England. This link takes you to their Facebook page.

Xoanon Publishing

Xoanon Publishing was founded in 1992 e.v. to serve as the sole publisher for Cultus Sabbatai

Three Hands Press

A sister publishing house of Xoanon Publishing, Three Hands Press focus on magic, divination, folklore, folk religion, magical history, and mysticism.

Starfire Publishing on Facebook

This link will take you to our Facebook page.

Jerusalem Press

Jerusalem Press was founded in July 2007 with the remit to promote artists, poets and writers by publishing their work in limited edition books and fine print editions of the highest quality.


Treadwells Bookshop

Specialises in books on cultural history and esoteric belief, Wicca, paganism and the history of Western magic. It is a well-known centre in London’s alternative world, with a famed lecture series and a rich variety of courses on tarot, divination, runes and magical lore.


Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

Peter Koenig's website has a wealth of information on the history of the O.T.O., from its foundation by Reuss and Kellner, its development by Crowley, and its more modern manifestations.

Kenneth Grant Blog

This is a Brazilian site run by Claudio Carvalho and Lilia Palmeira, and is dedicated to promoting material about the life and work of Kenneth Grant. The material is primarily in Portugese but with English translations.


Labirinto Stellare

Labirinto Stellare has made available to Italian readers articles and texts by the main authors of the esoteric contemporary scene such as Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinki, Martin Starr, David Beth, Michael Staley, Louis Martinie, Nema, Linda Falorio, Lionel Snell, Mishlen Linden and many others. The website also has a section devoted to galleries showing the work of artists involved in esoteric and occult themes.