Starfire Volume 2 Number 3.

Starfire Volume 2 No. 3 Starfire Publishing Ltd, London, 2009. Paperback, full-colour cover, sewn binding, large format, 192 pages.

The first issue of Starfire appeared in 1986, and it has been an occasional Journal of the New Aeon ever since. Dedicated to Thelema, it brims over with articles and artwork of relevance to the Thelemic current. All previous  issues are now out of print and difficult to obtain. This is the first new issue of Starfire for many years now, and as ever this is a scintillating collection of articles, short stories and artwork that is sure to delight and inform. Contents include:

The issue also includes  a supplement collecting several presentations from the April 2004 Thelema Beyond Crowley Conference held in London to mark the Centenary of the transmission of The Book of the Law, including the following:

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