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Welcome to the website for Starfire Publishing. Here you will find a list of all titles that we currently have available, with details of prices, postage and packing, and how to order. The website is regularly updated with progress on forthcoming titles, and the latest news can always be found here.

Since 1986, when we published the first issue of Starfire, a Journal of the New Aeon, we have specialised in publishing titles that bear on Thelema. We focus in particular upon the Draconian or Typhonian tradition which is best represented today by the works of Kenneth Grant, but which may also be glimpsed in the works of others such as Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Sir John Woodroffe, and Gerald Massey. There are also many groups and individuals that are tapping this dynamic and creative current, and in the process contributing to its present resurgence.

An introductory survey of Kenneth Grant's work, Scintillations in Mauve, can be found here, and is available in PDF as a download here. This was first published in Starfire Vol 2 No 4 (Starfire Publishing, 2011).

We have embarked upon a programme to republish all the volumes of Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Trilogies which are currently out of print.  This programme commenced with The Magical Revival in November 2020, and continues with Outside the Circles of Time in February 2021, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God in June 2021, and Cults of the Shadow in September 2021. Each reprinted title is available in both hardback and paperback formats, and subsequent titles will be republished in the sequence of original publication. We also publish work by other authors and artists where it is of relevance to the Typhonian Gnosis.

As well as in standard editions, some of our titles are also published in a strictly limited edition with a fine binding, slipcased, individually numbered, and signed. These limited editions are always in great demand. Notices of forthcoming publications are sent out to all on our emailing list, giving the opportunity to order standard or deluxe editions in advance of publication.

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